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A Reported Case by VCC

This article from the news portal Malaysiakini, refers to 2 suits that were brought in 2016.

The Plaintiff is a multinational company. It manufactures electrical home appliances under the brand of its name.

Our client was the former executive director for the Plaintiff. He began his career with the Plaintiff in 1981 as a technician but rose through the rank to become an executive director in 2004.

The Plaintiff alleged fraud and conspiracy to defraud perpetrated by various parties, including our client.

The trial began in March 2019 and concluded in November 2021. There were 23 days of trial with a total number of 16 witnesses giving evidence for the respective parties, including forensics.

The verdict was delivered on the 20th of July 2022. Having heard the evidence, the High Court trial judge finds no fraud or conspiracy by the defendants against the company. The action was dismissed with cost.

The facts of the case and the findings by the trial judge are reported in the Malaysiakini article.

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