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VIN CHENG & CO is a multi-practice law firm situated in Kuala Lumpur. 

Our practice covers many areas of law from advisory to dispute resolution, real estate to family & estate. 

Each practice group is helmed by partner(s) who have years of experience and are highly knowledgeable in their respective field. Each group also comprises a team of very proficient and dependable individuals. 

We continue to improve our services by investing in our IT infrastructure, training, knowledge repository, data security and management, and our greatest asset: OUR PEOPLE 

OUR PEOPLE are highly motivated, have in-depth experience in the areas of their respective practise and maintain a high standard of work.  We are driven to provide quality and excellent legal services. 

Our clients trust us to deliver solutions with their best interest at heart. In order to do that , we work closely with them to understand their business in depth. 

We are here to build a lasting relationship with our clients and to be there for them. 

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