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Fund and Investment Management and Unlisted Capital Markets Products

We specialize in Fund and Investment Management and Unlisted Capital Markets Products, offering comprehensive legal solutions tailored to the dynamic needs of the business and investment world. Our expertise encompasses the meticulous drafting of agreements, the preparation of documentation, and providing advice on regulatory compliance.

Our seasoned team boasts a wealth of experience in fund and asset management, guiding unit trust management companies, fund management companies, and trustee companies through the intricate processes of establishing unit trust and wholesale funds. We ensure seamless execution of all requisite documentation, including trust deeds, distribution agreements, service agreements for delegated functions, and investment management agreements.

Our adeptness extends to liaising with regulators, ensuring our clients navigate the complexities of unit trust and fund management with confidence, and remain compliant within their respective industries.

The types of entities that we have experience in advising, include but is not limited to:

  • Unit Trust Management Companies;

  • Fund Management Companies;

  • Trustee Companies;

  • Digital Investment Management Companies;

  • Recognised Market Operators – peer-to-peer lending;

  • Commercial Companies; and

  • Non-government Organisations.

Contact: Soh Ooi Kean Jin

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